Indoor Sports Photography

Well, I had another go at shooting indoor sports shots last weekend.  It was my Daughters gymnastics competition at Rushclifffe in Nottingham.  The event went fantastic for her and resulted in her qualifying to represent Nottinghamshire in the East Midland regional Finals next month.  A proud dad to say the least!!!!

The photography was a different matter though.  The arena at Rushcliffe is a large windowless expanse of a building building lit by high flood lighting with a few skylights in the roof.  Not ideal lighting as I’m sure you can imagine.  This meant I has to use my Sigma 70-200mm wide open at f2.8 and only by ramping up the ISO to 800 was I able to get shutter speeds fast enough to capture some of the action.  Flash photography is not allowed at these events so as not to distract the gymnast.  I obtained some nice images but was somewhat disappointed with the noise levels which I though my 40d was able to handle a little better.  I’m  now researching as to my choice of camera setting to see if I can reduce the noise but I feel its something ill have to accept while shooing at high ISO’s  (Need to upgrade to the 5D MKII  –  hint to wife!!!).

Below are a few examples of what I achieved on the day, I’ve just adjusted the exposure in Lightroom slightly.  I know Lightroom has a noise reduction tool but I’ve no played with this tool as yet, that something I need to explore.  Ill have another opportunity to take some more shots at her finals in a few weeks down in Leicester.  Ill let you see the results of that day, and who knows, it may have better lighting at this venue.  Any advice then please drop me a line.

 Thanks for looking..


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