Seascapes and Long Exposures

Had a wee trip to Robin Hood’s Bay and Whitby for a seascape and long exposure photoshoot.  Having left home at 2:30AM all bleary eyed to get to the location on time I was rewarded with possibly the best sunrise of the year so far.

Working like an excited child setting up my gear, while keeping one eye on the quickly developing light, the tiredness was soon forgotten.   After a brief pause at the cliff top view-point we quickly headed down the winding street to the village sea front.  From there I embarked on a most memorable photographic session.

I was one member of a small group of photographers who has signed up for a days tuition by Doug Chinnery.  A professional photographer who enjoys passing on his wealth of knowledge and who I thoroughly recommend to anyone who wishes to improve their photography.

Ever mindful of the other photographers, we were all using wide angled lenses, we endeavoured to find worthy compositions to make the most of the stunning light that was developing at a rapid pace.  The location provided a wealth of compositional opportunities from rock and rock pools to sand ripples and outflowing streams.   The sun eventually broke the horizon and I almost found myself fixated by it instead of taking images.  Quickly coming to my senses I rattles off quite a few shots of various compositions and hopefully making the most of them.  I was also using my newly acquired Lee filters.

In the past I have had issues with my focusing and getting sharp shots but Doug introduced his method of using the live view facility to focus.  I tried this method myself and found it most rewarding and very reliable so will utilise it as a matter of course in the future.

The sun rose so quick that it all seemed over too soon, so, I turned my attention to other areas and managed to get some interesting abstract shots of the rippled beach before heading back up through the small fishing village.  This also offered the opportunity get some detail/abstract shots, an area which I have found difficult in the past but Doug offered further guidance.

After a hearty breakfast, included in the workshop fee, and a few cups of coffee we were given a brief tutorial on importing and post processing Raw images in Lightroom and Photoshop, an area which I learned a great deal, and found out I was wasting much valuable drive space by exporting images unnecessarily.

It was then off to Whitby, a change of location and a change of tactic.  Doug gave a thorough and in-depth tutorial on long exposure images.  Although in-depth he explained things in a manner that was within the grasp of us all.  He then introduced a piece of kit called the ‘Big Stopper’ a Lee 10 stop filter.  A fantastic bit of kit that opened my eyes to a whole new dimension of photography.  I never thought it was possible to make exposures of 100 seconds + in bright midday sunlight but the proof is in the images below.

Being totally exhausted and having learned so much we wrapped up the day with another coffee and in my case a cream scone and headed home with memory cards full to capacity.

If you get the chance, book yourself on to one of Doug’s workshops, he caters for all levels and he may transform your photography, the only problem is that you have to spend money on new kit afterwards.  In my case a ‘Big Stopper’.

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About robferrol

I love photography. To capture a moment in time and make it last forever is a wonderful gesture and a fantastic gift to share with others. I'm a 'young at heart' 40 something year old who loves life & laughter. My family are my life and they make me laugh!! My photography covers many genres from weddings, Commercial, street & Landscapes. I hope you love what i share and share what i love!!

7 thoughts on “Seascapes and Long Exposures

  1. Nice images Rob.There's certainly much to be said for the use of dark ND filters with water as the subject. Long exposure certainly brings something special to daytime images.Cheers, Jim.

  2. Thanks Jim,Very much appreciate the comments. You have a stunning portfolio, i wish i had those photographic opportunities on my dorstep.Thanks again.

  3. This is one workshop of Doug's i didn't make, i have spent allot of time with Doug as a friend and at his workshops and can only second your sentiments on what a great teacher he is Rob.

  4. Mick,Thanks you for your sentiments too!! Doug has introduced me to using Pro Lee Filters, and a host of new techniques. I now plan to build on these and get out as often as possible to practice. As your local your are more then welcome to join me sometime. I would love to be in a position to sell more images to buy new kit someday, the shopping list is getting long after Dougs workshops, lol. Thanks again for the comments Carl.PS, looking forward to the workshop next month!!

  5. Wow, seems like the workshop is really worth it. I would love to join one if it weren't too far from Germany. Your photos are great!

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