The year ahead


Happy new everyone. Hope you all enjoyed the celebrations and without

too many hangovers the next day. I have to say 2010 was a very eventful year, both personally and with my photography.

I feel that my photography has improved greatly over this last year, this is due to a number of factors. Joining photo sharing sites like Flickr have allowed me to receive much needed critique on my work and i am always open to critique, both good and not so good. Exploring new techniques has moved me up a notch or two and becoming more adept at using Lightroom and Photoshop.

But one of the biggest and most significant reasons I feel I’ve improved was attending some photographic workshops. For these I have to thank Doug Chinnery, an award winning fine art landscape who runs workshops covering all aspects of landscape photography. He will be running two workshops this year in conjunction with the winner of the prestigious LPOTY award Anthony Spencer, so, check out his web site for more details about these.

I have attended a few of Doug’s workshops and he has passed on a wealth of knowledge and information but by attending workshops you are also in a group of likeminded individuals of varying degrees of expertise and you can learn even more from each other, Doug always says he learns something too from his students on his workshops. I have made some good friends from the workshops and have made subsequent photography outings with them.

So, what now for the year ahead? Well, I have a few things up my sleeve. Some wedding bookings will be keeping me busy and I’ve got my first maternity photoshoot in a few weeks. I’m also planning a few trips, one on the west coast of Scotland, one in Cotswolds and later in the year down to Dorset. These will be family trips but I’m sure I’ll be able to squeeze in a few ‘excursions’!!

I’ve also had quite a few enquiries for lifestyle photoshoots, all from ‘word of mouth’ recommendations, it’s certainly nice to know your previous clients are talking about you in a nice way, lol. I’ve now got to turn these into bookings.

On a final note, i sell gift vouchers that can be redeemed against a print purchase from my gallery or used towards a photoshoot, they make an ideal and unique gift/present and are available to any value.

I’m looking forward to the year ahead and sharing my work with you all. Thanks for your continued support.

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About robferrol

I love photography. To capture a moment in time and make it last forever is a wonderful gesture and a fantastic gift to share with others. I'm a 'young at heart' 40 something year old who loves life & laughter. My family are my life and they make me laugh!! My photography covers many genres from weddings, Commercial, street & Landscapes. I hope you love what i share and share what i love!!

2 thoughts on “The year ahead

  1. Hope the New Year leads to new opportunities and continued successes Rob. Hope to get out with you sometime soon too!All the best..

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