This is the BBC

On Monday I had a visit to the BBC Radio Nottingham studios to appear on the Richard Spurr show.  I was there to promote the charity photoshoot and also to raise awareness of Type 1 diabetes and also promote the charity JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation). 

Well, i can’t tell you what a bag of nerves I was, talk about being out of your comfort zone!!  But, it was a great opportunity to raise awareness of Type 1 Diabetes and I had Chris Normington from JDRF to help me.  The nerves soon passed when Richard immediately became engaged in the subject asking plenty of insightful questions and giving me the chance to explain a little about how Type 1 Diabetes affects the life of our 4 year old son and home life in general. 

Chris also gave a great insight into the work of JDRF and highlighted how little funding research into Type 1 gets from the government.  If you missed the show and have a few moments spare it can be found on BBC iPlayer here for the next few days. (1hour 39min in)

If you’d like to become involved in the charity photoshoot more information can be found on my dedicated web page here.  Its a great opportunity for photographers to try portrait photography or work on building a fantastic portfolio of images.

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I love photography. To capture a moment in time and make it last forever is a wonderful gesture and a fantastic gift to share with others. I'm a 'young at heart' 40 something year old who loves life & laughter. My family are my life and they make me laugh!! My photography covers many genres from weddings, Commercial, street & Landscapes. I hope you love what i share and share what i love!!

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