FREE Adobe CS2

Just a quick blog and heads up that Adobe have released their CS2 suite for FREE.  This represents a great opportunity for people starting off in photography and for those who have found the latest versions of Adobe Photoshop too expensive and out of reach.

This is a full version download with all the original features and although a few years old now it will open up a whole new level of creativity if you have never used Adobe Photoshop before.

You can download the software here after creating an Adobe Account.

This software have some limitations though, it’s not compatible with the MAC OS Lion (10.7) & Mountain Lion (10.8) and there may be compatibility issues with Windows 7 or 8.  Full information can be found on the Adobe website.

Adobe CS2

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I love photography. To capture a moment in time and make it last forever is a wonderful gesture and a fantastic gift to share with others. I'm a 'young at heart' 40 something year old who loves life & laughter. My family are my life and they make me laugh!! My photography covers many genres from weddings, Commercial, street & Landscapes. I hope you love what i share and share what i love!!

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