Dambusters 70th Flypast

It was a huge pleasure to be able to witness a fantastic display of flying history and see the aircraft of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight mark the 70th Anniversary of the Dambusters raid.

On March 16th 1943 133 airmen of the Royal Air Force’s 617 Sqn took to the skies in 19 Avro Lancaster bombers specially adapted to carry a unique bouncing bomb designed by Barnes Wallace. Of the 19 aircraft that took off only 11 returned resulting in the loss of 56 aircrew.

Their bravery and skill changed the course of WWII by breaching the Mohne & Eder Dams and severely damaging the Sorpe Dam. This gave a catastrophic blow the industrial might of the German was machine by destroying countless factories and hydro electric power-plants.

Having my own 18 year military career as an aircraft engineer it was a privilege to witness the display and be part of the huge crowd of people who were there to remember this historic moment but to also remember the countless number of lives that have been lost on both sides.

The "little friend"

The “little friend”





Heading over Ladybower

Heading over Ladybower

Lancaster with a "little friend" following

Lancaster with a “little friend” following


Hear the whine of the RB199

Hear the whine of the RB199


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