JDRF Charity Photoshoot 2014

Back in 2012 i dreamed up an idea to raise awareness of a charity called JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation).  It was a charity I was not familiar with until my son was diagnosed Type 1 Diabetic at the age of just 3.  The charity exists to help improve the care of those affected by Type 1 Diabetes and find a much needed cure.

I wanted an event that would increase awareness of the Juvenile Type 1 Diabetes and also of this charity, all while raising much needed charitable funds.  The government give approximately £52 million to Diabetes research and all of this goes to Type 2 Diabetes, type 1 Diabetes gets zero direct government funding.  It was also my desire to create an event that gave something back to those who donate.  That is where and why my JDRF charity photoshoots started.

So, with the first one under my belt, and a whopping £1200 raised, i had to somehow push the boundaries and i have to say that organising this one proved to be a harder task than the first.  I’m not going into the why & what for’s but after having an initial models list of 14 plus spares this dwindled down to just 6 who arrived on the day (If i didn’t show it my stress levels were off the scale on the morning of the event).

Determined not to let this damper our spirits i set to task and got the event up and running.  The venue at the last event proved to be such a success so i figured why change it, so, back we went to the wonderful and enchanting ruins of Rufford Abbey in Nottinghamshire.  The team there were fantastic and even facilitated the use of a HUGE marquee which allowed us to add a little extra to the day in the form of a studio setup.  With a little guidance, if needed, the photographers were free to use this area to further expand their skills and portfolios.  A big thank you to Michael of Michael Mills Photography for assisting and helping run this side of the event.

The day was attended by 27 photographers of varying levels from amateurs to seasoned professionals and judging by the conversations and comments on the day it seems that most learned a great deal from each other.  There is never one ‘right’ way to do things in photography so its always nice to see how others work.

I have seen an amazing collection of images coming through our Facebook group from the day and i’m sure there will be plenty more to come, i for one managed to capture a few more images on this shoot than i did on the first and a small selection can be seen below.

JDRF Charity photoshoot rob ferrol photography JDRF charity photoshoot rob ferrol photography jdrf charity photoshoot rob ferrol photography jdrf charity photoshoot rob ferrol photography jdrf charity photoshoot rob ferrol photography jdrf charity photoshoot rob ferrol photography jdrf charity photoshoot rob ferrol photography jdrf charity photoshoot rob ferrol photography jdrf charity photoshoot rob ferrol photography jdrf charity photoshoot rob ferrol photography jdrf charity photoshoot rob ferrol photographyjdrf charity photoshoot rob ferrol photography

Images aside the day was also about raising funds for JDRF and beating my target of £1200.  So, i hear you ask, did we do it????  As i write this blog the total raised is a whopping £1387.88 which i am absolutely over the moon with and all those involved should be equally proud of this figure and your efforts to make the day a huge success.

I’d like to end by saying a massive THANK YOU to all the models – Jessica, Lucie, Nicky, Ashleigh, Ed , Matt and our MUA Charlii (who worked amazingly hard on her own).  Without you this event would not have happened and your commitment and enthusiasm has not gone unnoticed.

If you would be interested in attending a future charity photoshoot please do get in touch and you can be added to our mailing list for prior notification and you can also keep up to date by visiting my website.


3 thoughts on “JDRF Charity Photoshoot 2014

  1. Rob, as someone who’s attended both the JDRF shoots that you’ve arranged and knows that amount of work that you put in ‘behind the scenes’ to make it work, I can honestly say they’ve been a success for both for those who’ve attended and obviously the JDRF with the funds raised.

    As for those who didn’t attend as promised, then I can only hope that they missed out on so many levels. The friendships that we’ve built along with the excellent shooting opportunities and the raising of funds for such a great cause are something that anyone would want to experience so I just hope that whatever the non-attendees were doing was as important and fulfilling as the time that we had.

    What the future holds nobody knows but you know if you need the support and backing of anyone for another event then you know we’ll be sitting here waiting for you. Well done Rob.

  2. Rob, messaged me on facebook to ask if i’d be interested in setting up a studio in a marquee, as a back up if the good old british weather gave us a few showers on the day. I accepted. Was a pleasure to help, having a son who was diagnosed at the age of 13 with Type 1 diabetes.
    We needn’t of worried about the weather, it was perfect, warm and sunny all day.
    The studio set up was still used and offered the chance for photographers to get some studio based images. Hopefully the studio will remain in the event and will be pleased to be invited again.
    The day for me gave chance to take to beautiful location images of models, which i wasn’t disappointed by the models, make up and stylists. What i gained most from the day was the friendship of photographers, models and organisers of the event.
    Rob and your team of organisers, have created an event which is well organised and something you should be proud of. I’m sure there are going to be a lot of people who are going to benefit from the amazing amount of money raised.
    I’d like to see this event being held a gain in future years, you have my full support if you need assistance in making this event happen again please do not hesitate to ask.
    I raise my glass to you Cheers

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