Dark Visions – A Photographic exhibition worth seeing.

Just a quick blog post to inform you of a fantastic photographic exhibition that has just opened at the Patchings Art Centre, near Calverton, Nottinghamshire.  It sees the work of fellow photographer and visual artist Rob Knight as he brings together a 5 year collection of monochrome images in his first ‘solo’ exhibition.


His monochromatic work centres around vision, feeling and mood and of the interaction we have, as humans, with the landscape around us.  The evocative collection of images on display, from a range of  views/locations & angles, offer an inspirational look into the mindset of his creative journey and vision, a journey i hope he continues and adds to the collection.


The launch event on the 27th featured a talk entitled “The Experiential Landscape”.  Coupled with audio & visual accompaniment, Rob enlightened us to his thought processes and of his “early” inspiration, going back to his school days, which gave him the drive to see things differently.  This certainly left us challenging our own though processes and inspired us to see things differently ourselves.

RK_Patchings-9225 RK_Patchings-9229

The exhibition runs until the 26th of October and is highly recommended.  You can find further details on Rob’s website along with a downloadable eBook with all the images, writings and a fantastic foreword by photographer & writer Doug Chinnery.

RK_Patchings-9212 RK_Patchings-9214

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