Welcome, I’m a photographer based in Nottinghamshire who is passionate about all aspects of photography.

Rob Ferrol Nottinghamshire PhotographerThis is the bit where i’m supposed to tell you a little about me. It’s difficult to tell in a short space so below is small glimpse of my personal exploits over the years.

Photography for me started late in life, non of the ‘clichéd’ stories of my dad giving me a camera as a child etc etc.  I’d always been intrigued by photography and cameras but as a child I would have probably had more fun taking the things apart than taking pictures with them.  I’d always had an interest in the intricacies of mechanics so, at the grand age of erm, 18, I joined the Royal Air Force as a jet propulsion technician. Great I thought, I would get to take things apart, the downside was I also had to put things back together, lol.

Anyway, during my time I got to see a big chunk of the world and invested in a 35mm film camera and happily snapped away somehow oblivious to the technicalities of photography and hence I don’t have any worthy images of my travels. My photographic prowess stayed stagnant until I purchased my first DSLR, a Canon 350D, in 2006. Bitten by the digital bug this was soon upgraded to a pro DSLR with a range of professional lens’.

I have now turned this passion into a successful business. I enjoy creating Fine-Art Landscape images but I’ve developed a passion for Commercial & Wedding Photography. These two genres very often mix and bring me a good amount of enquiries and clients from both. I’m a family man at heart and have been married to Sam for 19 years, I also have two fantastic children, Andrew & Jodie who have been my test models on many occasions. I’m very much a people person and love to capture the personality of those who I photograph, this can only be achieved by being personable and allowing your subject to relax and let their character shine through.

I have been lucky enough to have travelled throughout the world and see some amazing places and meet some equally amazing people, but, my only regret was that I hadn’t been fully bitten by the photography bug back then. I’m now on a mission to travel to all these places again but this time with my camera in hand.

If you want to chat about our photography get in touch. You will always receive a warm welcome from me and Sam and the coffee is always on, we would love to hear from you!

My main passion is Landscape Photography but I love the challenge of Travel and People Photography. With this in mind I refuse to specialize in any one particular field as this keeps me on my toes and allows me to use techniques from one field of photography and use them in the next. I beleive that this makes me a better photographer.

Photography for me is about capturing a particular moment in time in an ever changing world, waiting for the right light or making the right light, whether shooting Landscapes, Portraits or any other photo style.

I spend much of my time working hard to improve my skills and knowledge so I can produce quality work that both you and I can be proud of.

The work you see here is available to buy either through my website or by contacting me direct. Please do not use my work without my permission, if there is an image you would like to use please do get in touch or visit my website.

Finally, if you like my work please do help me by sharing it around with you family & friends.