Why i moved to the Fujifilm X system

Ok, i can hear you all moaning already “not another i’ve moved to Fuji blog” well yes, sorry, but it is.  It’s a poignant post for me as i’ve been integrating Fuji x cameras into my workflow for some time and now the move is now complete.  Yes, i’ve sold all my DSLR gear and am now a ‘fully Fuji’ X system photographer.  So, this is a little blog of why ‘I’ personally have made the move.

Fuji x100-3348

The Fujifilm x100

Some years ago, and a year or so after its initial launch, i purchased the original Fuji x100 which I was drawn to after seeing a full page add on the back of a camera mag.  I though “WOW that looks awesome” the design was amazing, it had so much character and it just called out to me – I wanted one so much!!  Yes, i can be a bit of an impulsive buyer but I mused over the idea for sometime on whether to purchase one.  Anyway i did and made my purchase almost a year after it’s initial launch.  Sods law though, not long after my purchase, Fuji released the X100s with many improvements – lesson learned do some more thorough research.  But not perturbed i persevered with the x100 and I remember being in awe of the first few initial test images.  Below is my first portrait of my daughter with the x100, about the 5th frame i made since taking it out of the box.  Simple window light on a dull day with a not so willing model.  Her expression was ‘hurry up, i want to go out’ – she didn’t share my excitement over my new toy.

Fuji x100-0013

First image out of the x100 – 

My kids had been my test subject on many occasions and somehow this little camera made grabbing images of them somewhat easier.  It was far less intimidating than my big DSLR with equally big lens, easier to grab and pop it my my pocket at a moments notice and it quickly became my ‘go to’ camera for family outings etc but thats as far as it went.  For some bizarre reason i never considered it a tool for my professional work.


X100 | f/4 | 1/250 |iso200

For my professional photography i stuck with the DSLR gear and continued to do so for a couple more years but as a Wedding and Commercial Photographer, along with some other random assignments & commissions, 2 full frame DSLR’s and an accompaniment of lens’ was quickly taking it’s toll, and my back was beginning to groan.  I’m a small chap at 5′ 5″ and i felt like the weight was compressing my spine reducing those valuable inches even further.

Fuji x100-0249

Street photography with the x100



Street Photography with the X-T1 | 1/4sec Handheld

Fuji xt1-7002

X-T1 | Ramada Hotel, Leicester

In a bid to ease my back woes i researched and tried many options for carrying the DSLR’s, waist holsters, double harnesses, roller bags, the lot, and none seemed to suit me.  I’d used the ThinkTank belt pouch system for a number of years but sold my set during my quest to find a suitable alternative but i ended up buying another as it proved to be the best of what i’d tried.  But, at the end of a busy wedding at the end of the 2014 season, i could take no more and i decided to look at alternative camera systems.

Fuji xt1-1059

X-T1 | xf35mm | f/1.4 | 1/125th | iso200

Fuji xt1-1035

X-T1 | xf35mm | f/4.5 | 1/30th | iso400

Fuji xt1-0982

X-T1 | xf35mm | f/1.4 | 1/420th | iso200

Over the Christmas break of 2014/15 i looked around at the alternatives.  I loved my X100 and the X100T, a successor to the x100s, had just been released but i wanted a system that offered interchangeable lens’ and being left eye dominant i wanted a central viewfinder DSLR style design.  I was drawn by the Fuji lure to the X-T1.  I can’t remember where i first saw this camera but i had heard wonderful things about it.  It had been on the market for almost a year and a few other photographers that i know were already using it in a professional capacity and raving about it.  So, my Christmas holidays were spent between my family and frenzied research for more info about this camera in eager anticipation of an early new year purchase.

Fuji XT1-2251

Fujifilm X-T1

I purchased my first Fujifilm X-T1 Graphite Silver edition with a couple of lens’ and, just like the impact the X100 had one me, i was blown away with the image quality.  It was on par, if not surpassing, what i was getting from my Canon DSLR.  The instant image preview with live exposure simulation in the large EVF was a dream to use and the camera instantly felt much more comfortable in my smallish hands compared to my DSLR.  The tactile controls, reminiscent of a bygone age, were very different to my DSLR but took me back to my days with the Canon AE1, oh the irony!!

Fuji xt1-0352

X-T1 | xf35mm | f/1.4 | 1/4000th | iso200

Fuji xt1-0360

X-T1 | xf35.. | f/1.4 | 1/2300th | iso200

From the outset of 2015 it worked amazingly alongside my Canon gear, using it to shoot weddings and commercial commissions, but it lacked a vital element that was crucial to a particular genre of photography that i also undertook, corporate events with onsite sales, which required me to shoot tethered.  At The Photography Show last year i spoke to the Fuji team who said the software was coming and had already been given out to a select few for testing.  In fact, i recalled Bert Stephani seamlessly shooting tethered during his presentation at the show,  it gave me hope that it wasn’t far away. By the way, i’ve followed Bert’s work for a few years with his early YouTube ‘Confessions of a Photographer‘ and ‘Motivational Light’ video series and it’s well worth checking out.  Here’s a few commercial jobs undertaken with the X-T1.

One of the biggest factors forcing my move was weight and during my weddings of 2015 i found i was using the X-T1 more and more.  The X-T1 and a selection of lens’ was a massive weight saving.  I felt a sense of liberation from the heavy ‘bricks’ that were weighing me down during long wedding shoots, sometimes in excess of ten hours.  The image preview in the EVF allowed me to see what i was getting before the shot was taken so i was shooting less but ending up with many more ‘keepers’, thus speeding up my post processing workflow.  Here’s a bunch of wedding related images shot on my X-T1’s, nothing overly fancy, im still building on my X-T1 wedding portfolio but you can find more of my wedding photography here.

Very soon the DSLR never made it out of the bag and after just a few months with my initial X-T1 i purchased another, this time a black model, and further lens’ to compliment what i already had.  Additionally, i found that i was favouring prime lens’ having always used zoom’s on my DSLR and the quality of the Fuji glass is equally as good and my Canon L series lens’.  Once the tethering issue was sorted with the software patch for Adobe Lightroom being made available it was full steam ahead with my complete move to the Fuji platform.

Derwent Cascade

Derwent Reservoir | X-T1 | xf14mm | f/11 | 1/30th |iso200


Saltburn Pier | X-T1 | xf18-55 @20mm | f/14 | 14secs | iso200 | Lee Filters


Ladybower Reservoir | X-T1 | xf14mm | f/11 | 1/30th | iso200 | Lee Filters

I’ve used the Fuji X-T1’s extensively now across my compliment of services covering weddings, landscapes, commercial & charity events and also a little travel photography where i took them to Morocco, North Africa.  Shooting from the city to the edge of the Sahara where the temperatures often exceeded 45 degrees celsius and the camera never faltered.  Moreover, the massive weight reduction compared to my much heavier DSLR gear made working thought the day in the blistering heat bearable.  Below are a few images from that trip but you can find my blog post with more images from that trip here and a clip on YouTube here.

This by no means a technical evaluation or reasoning for my move, i’ve purposefully avoided going down that route on this blog post for the sake of simplicity, many of the factors are just personal preference for me.  The system has proven to be a worthy workhorse across all the genres that i cover and not once have i regretted my decision to move away from DSLR’s.   I’m not saying its a camera system that will suit everyone and i’m not ruling out a further change somewhere down the line myself, the recently released X-Pro-2 looks sublime and is receiving much hype on social media and i’m eagerly awaiting to hear more of the much anticipated X-T2, but for now its a tool that i am more than happy with and would happily recommend to others.  The journey, and the story continues………


x100 | Oban, Argyll


x100 | St Pancras, London


x100 | St Pancras, London


X-T1 | St Pancras, London


X-T1 | London

Commercial Event Photography

One of the many things we enjoy covering are corporate black tie events.  We provide full coverage from the candid capture of your guests enjoying the evening to the more personal posed portraits capturing everyone in their finery and splendour whether its an end of year corporate celebration to a full on awards event with celebrity attendance.

Recently we provided portrait coverage for the No Offence CIC annual Redemption & Justice awards ceremony at the prestigious The Brewery Venue situated in the East end of London.  An event celebrating achievement, success and determination from people from a multitude of backgrounds, from those in deepest of despair to those at the top of ladder.

You can see a few of the images captured on the evening below and also a “behind the scenes” clip of the setup we can offer to add a different dimension to your corporate or charity event.  Get in touch for details or see our website.

Brewery Venue London No Offence Team Black tie event portrait Black tie event portrait Black tie event portrait Black tie event portrait Black tie event group portrait Black tie event award winners Black tie event award winners Black tie event award winners Black tie event award winners Black tie event award winners Black tie event award winners


Spreading my Wings

I’ve found over time that its very difficult to have a single website when im a photographer that caters for many different genres.  My current website took on a more of a commercial slant, as that was where the bulk of my work was coming from, but i felt that i was also doing diss-service to the the other genres that i cover with equal amounts of enthusiasm.

So, it was time for a change.  No, im not going to concentrate on one genre, i love the diversity of photography toooo much, but instead i decided to create three separate websites.  These broadly cater for the three subjects i cater for Commercial & Corporate Photography, Wedding & Lifestyle Photography and Landscape Photography.

The three websites all have a similar feel to them to maintain a pleasing aesthetic feel but importantly retain the same corporate branding.  Please take a look and give me some feedback, i’d like to feel that im heading in the right direction with these but it is you, and hopefully many other people, who view these sites that can answer this.

If you know someone who this may be of interest to please do share my blog – and my websites 🙂

Rob Ferrol Photography Website

Rob Ferrol Corporate & Commercial Photography – http://www.robferrolphotography.co.uk

Wedding Photography by Rob Ferrol

Rob Ferrol Wedding Photography – http://www.rf-weddingphotography.co.uk

Rob Ferrol Landscape Photography

Rob Ferrol Landscape Photography – http://www.robferrol.com

Doncaster Event Photography – Aurora Cancer Charity

I had the huge honour of being asked to photograph the Aurora Cancer Charity Christmas Ball again this year.  The event is a spectacular finale celebrating all their fundraising efforts over the year and awards are given to some very deserving finalists.

The charity rallies support from the local business community, health care professionals and those affected by cancer either directly or indirectly and monies raised goes towards funding the Aurora Wellbeing Centres.  The centres exist to help anyone with a cancer diagnosis by offering a free package of well-being treatments to help raise their confidence and self-esteem and create a general sense of well being.  More info can be found on their website.

The Christmas Ball was an evening of glitz, glamour and fun with a full three course meal, awards presentations and a lively disco.  Our event Photo Booth proved to be popular once again and many people headed home with a mounted image from our onsite printing team.

If you’d like more information of how our Commercial Event Photography services can add that little extra to your event, whether a Charity or Corporate event, then please do get in touch for further information or see our website.

Commercial Event Photography by Rob Ferrol Commercial Event Photography by Rob Ferrol Commercial Event Photography by Rob Ferrol Commercial Event Photography by Rob Ferrol Commercial Event Photography by Rob Ferrol Commercial Event Photography by Rob Ferrol Commercial Event Photography by Rob Ferrol Commercial Event Photography by Rob Ferrol Commercial Event Photography by Rob Ferrol Commercial Event Photography by Rob Ferrol Aurora Christmas Ball-431

SBID International design awards

Just a quick blod post to let you know that a recent commercial photographic commission i undertook has been shortlisted for the 2014 SBID International Design awards.  Jamie Hempsall Ltd‘s redesign of The Refectory at Southwell has been shortlisted in the Intelligent Design category which is now open for public voting.

Please do take a look at their, hopefully, award winning design via the link above and consider giving Jamie and his team you valued support.

Interior design photography by Rob Ferrol



World Record Photography

It’s not very often you get to photograph a Guinness World Record Attempt but that exactly what i did back in April, yes sorry for the delay on this blog, its been a little busy 🙂

I was commissioned by North Notts Business Connections who put the event together in the hope of stealing the title of “The most people at a networking event” which was currently held by the Aussies.  It needed a venue of mammoth proportions so where better to hold the event than the Newark Showground?  This sprawling venue, which at one time used to be RAF Swinderby where i spent the early days of my RAF career, boasts multiple function rooms, more than ample parking and east access to to the A1.

The event was well attended by businesses from around the region involving 16 different networking groups but fell short of the required target to snatch the mantle from the Aussies but many businesses many many new contacts and im sure they will reap the rewards.

Here are just a few images from the day.  Don’t forget we can cover many corporate & commercial events as part of our photographic services.  To find out more check out our website or get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

Corporate event photography by Rob Ferrol Corporate event photography by Rob Ferrol Corporate event photography by Rob Ferrol Corporate event photography by Rob Ferrol Corporate event photography by Rob Ferrol Corporate event photography by Rob Ferrol Corporate event photography by Rob Ferrol Corporate event photography by Rob Ferrol Corporate event photography by Rob Ferrol

North Notts Business Awards

I was commissioned, for the third year running, to photograph the North Notts Business Awards last month and the event proved to be year another successful event organised by North Notts Business Connections.  It brought together the best of North Nottinghamshire businesses for a glittering black tie event at one of the regions finest venues Hodsock Priory.

There were many shortlisted finalists in various categories and all were winners in their own right for getting this far but the event culminated in announcing the outright winners for each category.

Below is a selection of images from the evening which we covered by documenting the awards ceremony and also proving a studio setup so the guests can obtain a portrait image in all their finery and also, if they were the lucky winners, to go home with a memorable image of their award.  We are able to photography many different events in and around the East Midlands area so if you are organising an event get in touch to see what we can offer you and your guests.  You can contact us here or check out our website for further details.


Event Photography by Rob Ferrol Event Photography by Rob Ferrol Event Photography by Rob Ferrol Event Photography by Rob Ferrol Event Photography by Rob Ferrol Event Photography by Rob Ferrol Event Photography by Rob Ferrol Event Photography by Rob Ferrol Event Photography by Rob Ferrol


Corporate Black Tie Event Photography

I was commissioned yet again to photograph the prestigious North Notts Business Awards. The premier event on the business calendar in North Nottinghamshire. 
The event was held yet again at the stunningly beautiful Hodsock Priory near Blyth, Worksop. The event is organised by the local Business networking group North Notts Business Connections who put on a stunning event. 
The guests were treated to a fabulous meal and evening entertainment by the dance cabaret group The Fire Swans. The evening highlights and recognises the best of Bassetlaw Business and there were many worthy finalists and winners from a wide business sector. 
Black tie corporate events are just one of our corporate/commercial services. Find out more by visiting our  Website.

North Notts Business Awards

Last week saw me donning my tux and black tie – I had the huge privilege of being the chosen photographer to capture the fun and excitement of the North Notts Business Awards 2012.  A prestigious black tie event held at the stunningly beautiful five star venue Hodsock Priory and organised by North Notts Business Connections.

I’d photographed weddings, parties and other events but never a corporate event in such a stunning setting.  So, it was all systems go right from the start.  I’d roped in my colleague Daniel Torridon to help out on the night as this was definitely a two man job.  The event organiser wanted a full studio style photo booth area and also wanted candids and formals of the award presentations.  George the owner of Hodsock gave us a prime spot to set up the studio and this proved to be an instant hit with all the guests having to pass by – perfect opportunity to offer them a studio portrait in all their splendour.  With a precision workflow in progress we managed to get capture to print down to less than two minutes, it was fast paced but loads of fun!

If you have never been to Hodsock it is well worth a visit when it is open to the public.  Its a beautiful family owned historic house set in 800 acres of countryside famed for its annual display of Snowdrops.  With beautiful period oak panelled rooms and large Pavilion function room it was the perfect place to hold the awards that celebrate the best of business in North Nottinghamshire.

The guests were entertained by by the highly acclaimed female violinist Alexandra Parker who some of you may recognise from last year Britain’s Got Talent and also by the magician Saul.

With many awards up for grabs by the finalists there was plenty of drama and joviality as the winners were announced and Rob Ferrol Photography would like to congratulate them all:

Springhead Fine Ales – Company of the Year

Kara Wilkinson, K Kleen – Business Person of the Year

Crystal Clean Services – Excellence in Customer Service

No Offence CIC – Successful New Business of the Year

Respect Woodland Green Burials – Green Business of the Year

Captain Jacks Adventures Ltd – Business Community Partnership of the Year

Andew Fullelove, Pinfold Property Services – NNBC Referer of the Year

All in all it was a fabulous evening and a fantastic experience and I’ve already been booked for the 2013 award ceremony.  The images here are just a small selection, a  full gallery of the images can be found here and details of all my corporate & commercial services here.