Flowers Anyone?

Just thought i’d try something different – flower photography.

Inspired by Doug Chinnery’s images I got all arty and perched myself in the kitchen and using the large window I was able to light these images naturally.

The flowers were supplied by friends that we had staying over for the Easter weekend so thanks to them, they know who they are..

I actually found it quite a challenge, paying attention to the composition of the flower and trying to get it to sit where I wanted it took quite a bit of effort, but, I eventually learned the art of flower taming.

The exposure was a little challenging too. Outside was grey and overcast but I used bursts of bright but diffused sunlight that came through the clouds to backlight the flowers. This helped reveal the textures in the leaves, more evident in the Tulip shots.

Very little post processing was done, very slight exposure adjustments in a couple of them and that was about it.

Overall i’m very pleased with the outcomes, the only downside, the wife says I have to buy here more flowers now I seem to appreciate their finer details.

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