Flickr Explore and two little tips

Well, my Spurn images proved to be very popular on Flickr! Being fairly new to Flickr I often wondered, with the thousands of daily image uploads, how ones own images would fair in the recognition stakes, After all It doesn’t take long for your image to be lost and relegated to the bottom of the cyber pile after all these uploads.

On my return from a photoshoot in Northumberland I had a nice welcome surprise! One of my images had made the front page on Flickr Explore and got to number 44 out of the top 500 selected images uploaded on that day.

I am over the moon at having one of my images recognized and selected but looking at the explore selection at any point in time it shows a very ‘varied’ range in taste and ability, but, at the end of the day, that’s photography, very subjective. To me though, it’s a mile stone in my photographic career to date so I’ll take it as a compliment.

The image in question was, to be honest, a quick grab shot. I was down on the beach taking images of the old groynes and concentrating on the stunning scene before me during a spectacular sunrise when something made me look behind me, I gasped in amazement at what I saw – the dunes were ablaze in a golden glow that just had to be photographed.

I quickly grabbed my gear and shot off up into the dunes before the light changed and scurrying around like an excited child I found a quick composition. I fired off a few exposures and that was it, the light had changed. A little exhausted I headed back down to the beach, elated that I had seen this spectacular scene but somewhat wishing I had spotted it earlier to get a more pleasing composition. So, here comes my first little tip – while working on that stunning scene before you always keep a watchful eye on what’s happening behind, I wonder now how many missed opportunities there have been.

I got many pleasing images from Spurn Point and uploaded them to Flickr and got some equally pleasing responses but they were all surpassed by an image that I hurriedly uploaded before heading to Northumberland, an image that I wasn’t initially pleased with and an image that was a grab shot. So, here it is:

I still feel that my image does not do this scene the justice it deserves and I’m not entirely happy with the composition, but, it was certainly appreciated on Flickr and I am very grateful for all the comments received. So, here comes my second little tip – if a photographic opportunity presents itself – grab it!

Now, I’m off to look at those Northumberland images with a fresh pair of eyes.