Nottinghamshire Wedding Photography – Thoresby Courtyard – Rebecca & Dave

Todays blog post if from a wedding back in October at the stunning Thoresby Hall/Courtyard.  Rebecca & Dave booked me way back in 2016 after seeing a previous blog post from the same venue.  I’m typing this on a cold rainy January day and that seems to be the norm while i’m sat at the computer, roll on spring & summer.


Rebecca chose to have her bridal prep with all the bridal party in one of the exquisite rooms in Thoresby Hall, a grade 1 listed building built in 1865 and location for some of the filming of the film Great Expectations.  Her stunning dress was designed by Sophia Toli and supplied by Iconic Bride in nearby Edwinstowe.  Hair styling was completed by Helen Hewgill & make-up was was done by Sam from Sam’s Cottage creations.

Their wedding ceremony took place at Perlethorpe church, just a short car journey away, at the edge of the Thoresby Estate and after a few group photos, and special photoshoot with her horse Ella, it was off to Thoresby Courtyard for their wedding breakfast and reception.  Obviously, the couple made that short journey in style with a beautiful vintage car supplied Fabulous Cars.

Thoresby courtyard is the perfect canvas to crate your own bespoke look for your evening celebration, i’ve photographed numerous wedding here and no two are the same.  On this occasion the room decor was partially completed by Dan at Individual by design with other finishing touched by Rebecca and Dave themselves and with flowers by Jill’s Fabulous Flowers, Retford.

After a sumptuous meal supplied by Hensons catering it was time to get the party started with evening entertainment from the band Episode 21.

All in all, it was an amazing day with weather typical of the time of year, unpredictable, but it didn’t detract from a beautiful emotive day and a happy celebration of Dave & Rebecca’s love for each other.

If you’d like to find out more about our wedding photography services please do not hesitate to get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.   You can also find details over on our website.  Here’s a few more images from their day.


Photography Training days at Hodsock priory

It has to be said that continuing professional development is a must for anyone whatever your profession and one way to gain a little of that CPD is to attend training days or workshops.  It’s an opportunity to develop or hone your skills a little further, and maybe a platform to develop different way of thinking allowing time to experiment and try techniques or ideas you are unfamiliar with the benefit of being away from the pressures of a paid shoot or assignment.

My good friend and fellow photographer James Davies has embarked on what are becoming increasingly popular portrait & flash photography workshops.  With tuition also being provided by the renowned photographic tutor and writer Doug Chinnery and myself as their assistant there is a wealth of knowledge & expertise on hand for all the attendees to hone their portraiture and wedding photography skills.

For the last few courses James has chosen the beautiful setting of Hodsock priory, which, with it’s 15th Century Tudor gatehouse and it’s beautifully maintained grounds, in an 800 acre estate there is a bounty of photographic opportunities to fuel your photographic creativity.

The day starts with coffee & pastries and after brief group introductions James gives a short introduction to the way he works with natural light and then a little on how he introduces flash into his creative workflow, all backed up with examples of his work and how each of them were created.  An important part of the day with plenty of engaging questions and group discussion.

With the theory out of the way it was time to put things into practice and use the various locations around Hodsock priory, both inside and out.  Working with professional models Alison & Luke from Y2K promotions, along with beautiful wedding attire from Olivia Jane Jones, Make-up artist Melanie Lyndsay and a bridal bouquet from Flowers by Kay James creates an abundance of photographic opportunities.  Working first with natural light, showing how subtle changes in your position or that of your subject can dramatically change the quality of the light and increase the potential imaging opportunities.

After lunch the day moved on to creative off-camera flash photography demonstrating how to balance flash with ambient light and also how to create dramatic portraits even in the strongest of daylight situations.  James used the trusty Elinchrom Quadra & Rangers but also highlighted how the same images can be achieved from many other brands of lighting equipment available.

As the day drew to a close we ended with coffee & biscuits and another opportunity for a Q&A session before all heading home with memory cards full of images and heads full of knowledge and creative ideas.

If you are interested in attending one of James’ courses head on over to his training page for further details.

For further details of my photography please do get in touch or head on over to my website or follow me on my social media links below.  I’ll leave you with a selection of my images from the day all taken on my Fuji XT1.

Photography training at Hodsock Priory

James giving his introduction to the techniques he uses.

Simple model portraits with natural light

Simple positioning of the model to capture the natural light.

Hodsock Workshop-7214

Photographers using the techniques described by James.

Male & female models stood by a large window with natural light

Using a large window to create dramatic but natural light.

Hodsock Workshop-7205

More use of a large window

Hodsock Workshop-7219

Hodsock Workshop-7261

Beautiful even natural light by careful positioning of the models in a large open doorway

Hodsock Workshop-7239

Hodsock Workshop-7243

Beautiful soft natural light.

Hodsock Workshop-7248

Photographers making the most of the moment

Hodsock Workshop-7257Hodsock Workshop-7272Hodsock Workshop-7294Hodsock Workshop-7299

Hodsock Workshop-7319

Dramatic off camera flash is demonstrated by James using a mix of lighting equipment.

Hodsock Workshop-7327-2

Hodsock Workshop-7320

Attentive work by the MUA while shooting in the beautiful grounds of Hodsock Priory.

Hodsock Workshop-7343

A little fun to end the day making the most of the environment and the beautiful evening light.




A mixed bag of London – Street, Architecture, Fashion & Sports Photography

In my last blog post i gave you an highlight of my images that i took of the final stage of the Tour of Britain cycle race.  A chance encounter on a fantastic weekend in the city.

I had planned to be on a 2 day workshop that ended up being cancelled last minute but having already paid my travel & accommodation costs i decided to still head down there and have a weekend of self indulged photographic fun.  It was my first ever time in London on my own with my camera so i had just planned to take my time and soak it all up and it ended up being a mixed bag weekend.

I’d arrived late in london due to a train delay but was pleased to see East Coast Trains staff handing out refund vouchers which was a pleasant surprise, id always thought train delays were part and parcel of modern day rail travel so well done East Coast Trains for your fist class customer service.  So, having arrived late, i decided to head straight over top Tower Bridge to get some late evening shots.  I didn’t plan on dragging all my luggage with me but i didn’t want to waste my first evening.  The hotel checkin could wait a little while longer.  As i mentioned above, the weekend turned into a mixed bag of photographic subject.  As well as stumbling across the Tour of Britain on the Sunday i found myself in a photographers melee on Saturday afternoon.  After a quick lunch at the Covent Garden food market I wandered down to the Strand and found London Fashion Week in full swing.  There were photographers and models everywhere, it was like organised chaos and one couldn’t resist grabbing a few shots.  I may have to venture down to London just to capture the atmosphere around this event one day.

Anyway, i suppose i’d better let you get to the images.  As I said a very mixed bag of stuff which i hope you will like.  Please do feel free to leave a comment and maybe share this blog with your family & friends.  Just before i go i’d like to finish in a couple of thank you’d both heading in the direction of two London Cabbies.  Firstly to a kind chap called Dave who, after chatting in the cab on the way to the hotel, decided to give me a free ride out of gratitude for my past military service and also for my current public service as a Paramedic.  I was blown away with his kind hearted gratitude.  Secondly to another London Cabbie and good friend Terry who is also an amazing photographer, you can see some of his fabulous images on his website here.   He took time out of his hectic weekend day to catch up over coffee and then to show me a few locations around Canary Wharf.   So, on to the images.

London by Rob Ferrol Photography

Tower Bridge, London

Underground, London Rob Ferrol Photography

Early morning tube ride – so quiet compared to the evening rush hour.

London, the shard,rob,ferrol photography

Dawn Light on the Shard, Lomndon

The Shard London Rob Ferrol Photography

Dawn Light on the Shard, London.

London Rob Ferrol Photography

Skateboard Graveyard, Golden Jubilee Bridge, London

London Rob Ferrol Photography

Sh*@ting on Humanity

London Rob Ferrol Photography

Going Underground.

London Rob Ferrol Photography

London Street Photography

London Rob Ferrol Photography

What to have for lunch?? Food market in Covent Garden

London Rob Ferrol Photography

Flying the flags, Covent Garden, London.

London Rob Ferrol Photography

London Fashion Week

London Rob Ferrol Photography

London Fashion Week

London Rob Ferrol Photography

London Fashion Week

London Rob Ferrol Photography

Dusk colour at Canary Wharf

London Rob Ferrol Photography

Canary Wharf in Mono

London Rob Ferrol Photography

Bright Lights Big City. Canary Wharf, London

London Rob Ferrol Photography

Millennium Bridge & St Paul’s Cathedral, London.

London Rob Ferrol Photography

Millennium Bridge & St Paul’s Cathedral, London.

London Rob Ferrol Photography

Canary Wharf Clock, London.

London Rob Ferrol Photography

Tube Tunnels, London.

London Rob Ferrol Photography

Spot the Banana, Canary Wharf, London

London Rob Ferrol Photography

Lloyds Building, London.

London Rob Ferrol Photography

Gherkin abstract, London.

London Rob Ferrol Photography

Tour of Britain final, London.

London Rob Ferrol Photography

Tour of Britain final, London.

London Rob Ferrol Photography

Tour of Britain final, London.