Food on a plate

A local design company contacted me recently with photography commission with a little twist to the norm.  Their client was a major manufacturer of silicon products for use in the food industry and their idea of using the tag line “so safe you could eat your dinner off it” prompted them to create the idea of a silicon plate with a tasty looking meal on it.

Having the gauntlet thrown in my direction to create this “tasty looking meal on a silicon plate” image I wasn’t going to chance it and use my own culinary, eeerm, skills.  I contacted one of my recent clients who I knew had the perfect location and a chef with the perfect skills to create a dish that would not only look delicious but would also enhance a seemingly bland and somewhat different looking plate.

It was a feat of culinary brilliance when you consider the fact that the silicon plate had the structural rigidity of slice of Swiss cheese and it was down to yours truly to move it around and photograph it on a range of backgrounds and angles.

Anyway, enough of my waffle & food related puns, here are a few of the images from the photoshoot.  If you’d like to enquire about any aspect of our commercial photography please get in touch, as much as we’d like to shoot you or your products we’d love to speak to you first.

Food Photography-1 Food Photography-2 Food Photography-3 Food Photography-4 Food Photography-5