Doncaster Event Photography – Aurora Cancer Charity

I had the huge honour of being asked to photograph the Aurora Cancer Charity Christmas Ball again this year.  The event is a spectacular finale celebrating all their fundraising efforts over the year and awards are given to some very deserving finalists.

The charity rallies support from the local business community, health care professionals and those affected by cancer either directly or indirectly and monies raised goes towards funding the Aurora Wellbeing Centres.  The centres exist to help anyone with a cancer diagnosis by offering a free package of well-being treatments to help raise their confidence and self-esteem and create a general sense of well being.  More info can be found on their website.

The Christmas Ball was an evening of glitz, glamour and fun with a full three course meal, awards presentations and a lively disco.  Our event Photo Booth proved to be popular once again and many people headed home with a mounted image from our onsite printing team.

If you’d like more information of how our Commercial Event Photography services can add that little extra to your event, whether a Charity or Corporate event, then please do get in touch for further information or see our website.

Commercial Event Photography by Rob Ferrol Commercial Event Photography by Rob Ferrol Commercial Event Photography by Rob Ferrol Commercial Event Photography by Rob Ferrol Commercial Event Photography by Rob Ferrol Commercial Event Photography by Rob Ferrol Commercial Event Photography by Rob Ferrol Commercial Event Photography by Rob Ferrol Commercial Event Photography by Rob Ferrol Commercial Event Photography by Rob Ferrol Aurora Christmas Ball-431

Clumber Park Hotel & Spa Wedding Photography – Jolene & Phil

It was a huge pleasure to be asked to photograph Jolene & Phil’s special day and you may remember a blog post of their recent pre-wedding photoshoot at Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire.  The venue for their big day was the beautiful Clumber Park Hotel & Spa which is nestled on the outskirts of Clumber Park itself.

Jolene & Phil are a fun loving couple and wanted this portrayed in their images, even their wedding car went with a bang.  After a short ceremony we enjoyed a short walk down the famous Lime Tree avenue in Clumber Park to capture some beautiful autumnal images.  Here is a small selection of images from their special day.  For more information about our wedding photography please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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Winter lifestyle photoshoot

Had a lovely Wintery lifestyle photoshoot in Clumber Park last weekend with Karina & Shaun and their fantastic family.  It was a very cold morning, in fact my car registered -6 deg C when i set off, and most of us were feeling the chill before the photoshoot started.

I soon had them warmed up though yomping around the park trying to find some scenic spots avoiding the harsh brigh light.  The sun was blazing and there was not a cloud in the sky so i found the metering a bit of a challenge.

Clumber park is a perfect location for outdoor lifestyle portraits with an abundance of different areas but this makes it very popular, even quite early in the moring, so carefull planning and patience is needed to avoid the populated hotspots.

Anyway, they all seemed to be having a fun time and we even managed to finish with a walk down the famous Lime Tree Avenue, which ended in snow ball fight which the parents lost. 

Clumber Parks Lime Tree Avenue is the longest of its kind in Europe, almost 2 miles long.  It was planted around 1840 an consists of 1296 common Limes planted in two double rows.  It makes a fantastic photo location year round. 

There were plenty images taken and this is just a small collection from the day.

Bluebell Wood

apologies for not posting for sometime.  Its been a hectic few weeks in my home and unfortunately not in the photographic sense.   Last week some unscrupulous members of society decided they would like to break into my garage and steal my Motorbike and my new mountain bike.  Now, I could vent my anger with a few expletives but i’m not gonna let these scoundrels get the better of me.

So, after taking care of sorting new security measures, lights, locks and booby traps, lol, I headed out for a photoshoot to lift my spirits.  The location was an unsuspecting wood right next to the A614 near Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire.  Hundreds of vehicles must pass this location every day but I wonder how few take the time to look into the woods at this special time of year.

It’s that time when the Bluebells come out and I for one did not know that there was a wonderful Bluebell wood right on my doorstep.  It’s only after viewing a local photographers Blog that I came across this location.  Thanks to Mark Tierney for the directions and inspiration.

It’s only a small wood but has easy access from the layby, but, try to avoid entering the wood by the layby, unfortunately its strewn with litter.  It’s better to walk along the edge of the wood 100ft or so by the road, being carefull of traffic obviously, then enter the wood there. 

The compositions it offers are endless, indeed, the images below were taken with a variety of lenses from a Sigma 10-20m, Canon 17-40mm L, and a Sigma 70-200mm.  The first few images were taken in the harsh midday light on one visit and after much excitement I arranged another visit with some fellow photographers Doug Chinnery, Carl Mickleburgh and James Davies.  A fun evening rewarded with fantastic light and good humour.  Please follow the links and view their work from this location on Flickr, they are great photographers and have fantastic portfolios which i’m sure you will enjoy viewing. 

This spectacle only lasts for a few weeks each year so ill certainly be heading out there again over the next week or so, otherwise its a long wait till next year. 

Now, I’m off to arrange collection of my wrecked motorcycle, oh the joys!!

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